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Adventure Travel Tour Operators

Adventure Travel Tour Operators

Here at Alternative Egypt we aim to promote and assist independent travel. However, for some of the most adventurous activities it's okay to get some help. After all you may need equipment? Permits? Somebody who knows what they're doing and how to make it safe. If you haven't got time to organise this yourself when in country you may want to choose a European/U.K based adventure travel tour operator. Some certainly do it better than others.

Explore Worldwide

Part of Holiday peak plc, Explore is arguably the largest adventure tour operator in the UK. Their colourful pochure covers the world, from cultural journeys to desert safaris or epic train journeys. Explore does the whole shebang. Camping out under the stars, or staying in luxury hotels in their new ‘in style’ five star tours. In recent years Explore has been panching out to also cover the newly emerging family tour market, and adventure-centre based holidays. Visit Explore


Since their first trip in 1974 to Afghanistan, Exodus have gone on to become one of the biggest adventure tour operators in the UK, and a fierce competitor to Explore, now offering more than 500 tours across the globe. Many of Exodus’ clients also travel with Explore and vice versa. Although it depends a little on the nature of each tour, the average passenger with either Explore or Exodus tends to be 40+, with many retired or on their way to retirement. In comparison to Explore, Exodus has more of an emphasis on physically demanding tours, and has abandoned using pitish tour leaders anywhere outside of Europe. These tours are now lead by local guides. Visit Exodus

The Imaginative Traveller

Known by it’s clients as ‘Imtrav”, The Imaginative Traveller has been designing and running adventure tours since 1991. Today they operate across the world from Egypt to Antarctica, and in addition to operating adventure holidays, they also operate honeymoons, family holidays, and volunteer programs. Tours and format are similar to that of Explore and Exodus, with on average similar group sizes (12-20). Groups do however tend to be younger, with many passenger falling into the 20-40 year old packet. Visit Imtrav


Kumuka are best known for their characteristic blue overland trucks. While they do operate private coach tours, most of their trips are aimed at the budget traveller. Unlike the companies above, which are lead by a single tour leader, Kumuka expeditions are accompanied by a Kumuka tour leader and driver who share responsibility throughout the tour. Many of the tours feature camping and all passengers are expected to get involved in the preparation at meal times. Travelling in this way may be considered more ’adventurous’ or ’character building’ by some, but do unfortunately mean you’ll be less likely to spend time travelling on local buses, boats, or trains, often a highlight of any country. Kumuka operate in over 62 countries across the globe including, Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle East. Visit Kumuka

Dragoman Overland

Dragoman Overland is the grown up love child of Dragoman and Encounter Overland, the original forty year old godfather of the adventure travel industry. While many companies have adjusted their tours to be more mainstream, less demanding, and more conducive to the working man or woman’s annual leave, Dragoman have stuck to the original overland ethos and basic style. Unlike other operators, tour itineraries are less regimented and more flexible, and tours follow a geographical route rather than a daily schedule. With some tours it’s possible to ‘hop on’ and ‘hop off’, spending extended periods of time in places you warm to, and picking up the next truck when it rolls through town. Dragoman are predominantly Africa specialists but also operate tours in South America, and Central Asia. Visit Dragoman


Named after the pharoah that built the Saqqara Pyramids, Djoser if the Netherlands' leading adventure travel tour operator. Also part of Holiday peak Plc, Djoser leads Dutch groups all over Egypt. Visit Djocer

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