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Egypt Tour Itineraries

Egypt Tour Itineraries

It's easy to waste time, money, and energy on your trips by not really knowing where you're going. As someone with considerable experience organising tours and travelling independently within Egypt I am able to offer the following suggestions as potential Egypt tour itineraries.

Which itinerary suits you will depend largely on your time limit, your budget, but most importantly what kind of activities you enjoy. Lounging on a beach all day in the hot sunshine with a good book and a margarita is heaven for some, and hellacious for others. The same goes for climbing mountains, camping, or spending every minute of every day in museums or at historic sites.

Please use the suggested itineraries included in this section as a guideline only and edit/modify to suit your own interests, budgets and time scales.

Timings (at monument etc) are based on typical timings with a tour group. Clearly if you like to spend a whole day at a museum you will need to adjust the schedule. Similarly your flight times will also likely be different to those shown on the itineraries.

I personally like to fill my time when I travel and this is reflected in the suggestions. Please remove anything that doesn't agree with you.

I hope these help. Please enjoy and leave your comments.

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