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Ferry Hurghada to Sharm El Sheikh  

Ferry Hurghada Sharm El Sheikh

Ferry Hurghada Sharm El Sheikh Timetable

Please be advised that this service remains temporarily suspended. No date has been given when the ferry will resume.

There are two alternative options to travel between the two.

Egypt Air have direct flights daily that take around 40 minutes and cost between $100 - $150 for the return journey.

If you are time rich but cash poor consider taking a public bus or service (shared) taxi between the two.

Read more about public bus schedules

Route Date Departure Times
Hurghada - Sharm Saturday 8am
Sharm - Hurgahada Saturday 6pm
Hurghada - Sharm Monday 4am
Sharm - Hurgahada Monday 6pm
Hurghada - Sharm Tuesday 8am
Sharm - Hurghada Tuesday 6pm
Hurghada - Sharm Thursday 8am
Sharm - Hurghada Thursday 6pm

Each week there are three fast ferries between Sharm El Sheikh and Hurdghada. The crossing takes just 1.5 hours and costs 40$. Tickets can be purchased from tour operators and travel agencies all over Egypt (although you may be charged a commission), or alternatively through the Red Sea Jet offices in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Travelling across from Mainland Egypt to Sinai in this manner can be very time effective. The same journey by bus would take a minimum of 12 hours. If you want to see Sinai and the ancient monuments of Upper Egypt in a short period of time then crossing the Red Sea this way is almost essential. See recommended travel itineraries.

If you have plans for onward travel to Israel or Jordan you can feasibly make the journey fromHurghada to the Taba or Nuweiba in 4-5 hours (delays not withstanding).

Arrive at the port in plenty of time (recommend 1 hours prior), and as always in Egypt be prepared for delays.

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