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Typical Egyptian Souvenirs

Typical Egyptian Souvenirs

Egypt is a great place to pickup souvenirs for friends and loved ones. Whether you’re looking for something original, something authentic, or something just plain tacky, the diversity is such that you won’t need to buy the same gift twice.

Below are a few examples (in no particular order) of typical Egyptian souvenirs:

• Shisha Pipes

Also known as a ‘hubbly bubbly’, these ornate, water filled smoking devices are used to inhale perfumed tobacco.

• Belly Dancing Accessories

Masks, skirts, sequin vests or all of the above.

• Jallabaya

Long gowns worn by men; a great piece of clothing for hanging around the house on a lazy Sunday back home.

• Scarves

Bedouin head scarves or silky pashminas, no Egyptian market is complete without a scarf seller every five or ten metres.

• Stuffed Camels

No explanation needed.

• Alabaster Pyramids

What is a visit to Egypt without some mini pyramids for a friend’s mantelpeice? Alabaster is very much the material of choice and has been used in Egypt since the time of the pharoahs. It's use isn't limited to carving pyramids.

• Cartouche Necklace

A cartouche is the cylindrical canvas on to which hieroglyphic were engraved. Many visitors have cartouche necklaces created and personalised with a name in hieroglyphics.

• Scarab

A blue beetle considered lucky by the ancient Egyptians.

• Spices

Egypt is good place to stock up on exotic, ground spices.

• Stella Beer T-Shirt

Stella is Egypt’s national beer (not to be confused with Stella Artois).

 Oddly perhaps, the brewery chose to employ a quote from philosopher Frederick Nietzsche as its official slogan. The t-shirts which proudly declare, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” have become a hit with tourists.

Read about drinking alcohol in Egypt>>

• Nefertiti Head

Slim neck, flat head, Nefertiti’s bust is readily available.

• Papyrus

Papyrus is the world’s earliest example of paper made from reeds in the river Nile. Now you can buy a range of souvenirs made of papyrus from small postcards to beautiful works of art.

Buying Souvenirs in Egypt: A few simple rules

• Always Negotiate

Saving a few pounds here and there will certainly add up over the course of your trip. And besides, it’s fun! (Read the rules to bartering)

• Shop at the end of your trip

If you have many presents to buy, it makes sense to buy them at the end of your trip rather than early on and then have to carry them around the country with you. For example, the Kan Al Kallili market is a great place to do all your souvenir shopping in the shortest time possible.

• If you see something you simply have to have, don’t wait!

Slightly contradictory to point number two, if you see something you simply can’t live without, don’t hesitate as you might not see the same thing again.

In actuality you’ll probably see it again and again and again, but why take that risk?

• Don’t let taxi drivers take you shopping

If you find a taxi driver or felucca captain is seriously eager to take you shopping, he’s probably making a commission. This is pretty normal behaviour in Egypt so nothing to worry about.

However, you may find items are a little more expensive as shopkeepers need to factor in your driver’s cut.

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