Alternative Egypt Travel Guide
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Egyptian Culture

Egyptian Culture

Egyptian People Welcome to Egypt! | Getting to know the real Egyptian People. Demographic, culture and personality of the Egyptian People.

How to dress in Egypt? What clothes should I wear as a woman / as a man? In the city? Or at the beach? Cultural advice and travel tips.

Egyptian Arabic vacation vocabulary. Learn the basics of Egyptian arabic to help you get by when you're travelling in Egypt.

Drinking alcohol in Egypt Can you drink alcohol in Egypt? | Of course you can, this isn't Saudi Arabia | Advice and guidelines for Drinking Alcohol in Egypt

Typical Egyptian Souvenirs: Guide to buying souvenirs in Egypt, from stuffed camels to Stella beer T-shirts | The Online Egypt Travel Guide for the Independent Traveller

 Egypt During Ramadan | When is Ramadan in Egypt? | How will travel in Egypt during Ramadan effect your trip? Background, advice and information for Independent Travel

Smoking shisha in Egypt  | Nargila, hookah, hubbly bubbly | What is it? How to order it?

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