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The Red Sea Coast  

The Red Sea Coast

Egypt’s Red Sea coast line runs north to south along the eastern sea board of main land Egypt. From the Suez Canal in the North, to the southern border with Sudan, the coast stretches 1250KM and hosts some of Egypt’s best, and least kept secrets.

Well known to international tourists are the big resorts of Hurghada and Safaga attracting millions each year. Package tourists promenade along the bar-filled strip, sun longing all day and partying by night.

The resort of El Gouna is similarly popular with the Egyptian mainstream.

Further south is the lesser developed resort of Mersa Alam, which attracts the more serious divers, the whole region offering some of the world’s best scuba diving and snorkelling sites.

Adventurer travellers often give this whole region a wide berth and head to Sinai, but the red sea mountains offer just as many hidden hiking trails, snaking their way through the county’s abandoned Roman quarries.

The Monasteries of St Paul and St Anthony are among the oldest in the world and tell the story of early Christendom. Not directly accessible by public transport, pilgrims are required to hitch or hike to reach them.

Indeed the Red Sea see coast in way more than just Hurghada, and serves as a useful point of entry to Sinai which is connected by ferry via Sharm el Sheikh.

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